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Men's Group for Fathers of Young children in Berkeley, California

Men’s Group for Fathers of Young Children (dad with a child under 6 years old)
Group limited to 7 dads.  $70 per month

Meets every other Thursday evenings 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
Meets in our office in Berkeley, California. 

The focus of the Fathers’ Forum Men’s Group for new fathers is to share and explore with a small group of men our hopes, aspirations and challenges of being fathers. We live in a culture that does not prepare us as men to become fathers and does not recognize or value the role of the father in the family.
Our group will explore the cultural and social myths of fatherhood, our relationship with our own fathers, changes in the relationships with our partners, balancing careers and family, changes in sexuality, expressing anger and frustration, and the diversity of parenting styles for fathers.
Exploring together, with other men, is a great opportunity for us to affirm the rich and rewarding potentials of fatherhood and family life.”
–Bruce Linton, Founder, Fathers’ Forum
For more information or to register call the Fathers’ Forum (510) 644-0300