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Bruce Linton, Ph.D, Marriage and Family Therapist

When I became a father 38 years ago not much was available for new dads to understand the changes and challenges they would face becoming a parent. It was a HUGE change in my life being an expectant father, a new father, and first time dad. Yikes! What was happening to my life. I sure could have used some new dad help,  a little dad advice,  and a dad support group too. I met with some other first time fathers,  men who were becoming a father for the first time and for a few

months we met together and talked about what being a first time father was like and what what we thought it took to be a good dad. Out of that experience I realized that all my confusion and fears were shared by most of the other dads. Being in a father support group really did help me realize I wasn’t the only one feeling this way! For first time dads being with other new and expectant dads too can really help understanding the journey of fatherhood! 

Here on FathersForum.com I offer online support and advice for new dads, online support groups for new and expectant fathers and advise to couple with young children.  

Offering this service online through FaceTime, Skype and Video conference is not psychotherapy or counseling. It is my personal advice to help you find options and get a perspective on your life as a dad. 

I can share the over 30 years of experience I have working with new and expectant fathers, both from my research and teaching classes and facilitating workshops. If I can be of support please reach out and contact me.